Angola/Wayne’s Thing



Here’s another Wayne Shorter song for you.  I played this recently in a sax trio so I replaced McCoy Tyner’s old intro with a simpler bass figure.  We quickly found ourselves in free jazz territory, which is honestly more fun than burning through these changes dozens of times.  Depending on the band, sometimes we just vamp D7 to Eb7 until the G7 comes around.

Staying with the theme, here’s a Kenny Garrett tune called “Wayne’s Thing”.  The drums play a funky second line groove, though when Kenny played this with cats like Tain or Daddy it became so much more.



2 thoughts on “Angola/Wayne’s Thing

    1. noteheads Post author

      Yes, that’s one of my favorite Shorter albums, it’s full of interesting orchestration and moods. It’s a testament to his creativity that the pieces the band plays from his early career aren’t easily recognizable. In fact, the 6/4 groove they settle into about halfway through the tune is the same one Wayne uses for “Juju” on the Footprints Live album.


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