Miro Day

I spent a couple long hours shoveling out my neighbors’ and my house today.  With 25 inches of snow on the ground, that’s hundreds of cubic feet.  By the end my hands were shaking and my back was sore, so I went straight from one of the tortures of winter to one of the joys of winter: hot chocolate and Dave Brubeck!


Far More Blue Far More Drums

On his album Time Further Out Dave closes side one with this cool blues, and opens side two with a faster recap of the theme before Joe Morello takes an extended drum solo.  In the liner notes he says the whole album was inspired by Joan Miro’s paintings, which search for new meanings in old familiar forms.

This reminded me of a video I took out of my local library long ago.  A small excerpt featured Duke Ellington’s trio playing this blues while Miro himself looks on, leaning against one of his sculptures in a courtyard.  I have written out the main theme here, which two years later became “The Shepherd Who Watches Over The Night Flock”, part of Duke’s Second Sacred Concert.



So there you have it.  Two different blueses dedicated to Joan Miro.

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