A pair of love songs

Well, it’s Valentine’s day again!  Like it or not, it’s one of the few chances you get during the year to put an actual dollar amount on the love you feel for another human being.  Because let’s face it, the day itself doesn’t bring people closer together.  You probably don’t love a person any more today than you do on the 13th or 15th of February.  Like so much of life it comes down to advertising.  People who have a product to sell want you to believe that you pay a social or personal price for not buying it.  I know most people are rational about the meaning of Valentine’s day, but woe is the man who fails to acknowledge it in some way.  We would do well to just change the name to “Chocolate Day”.  Significant others still get gifts, unattached people don’t feel lonely or stigmatized, everyone gets that coveted serotonin rush.  Doesn’t Chocolate Day sound nice?

Anyway, my contribution to the festivities will be a couple of “love” songs, the first from the pen of George Gershwin.


Somebody Loves Me

This chart is based on an Erroll Garner version I had on cassette tape.  He recorded the tune more than once but I remember this take really captured the essence of Erroll’s style: his warmth and humor, the way he made virtuosic playing seem so easy, never losing that swinging feel.


Here’s a tune I transcribed a few years ago off a John Coltrane reissue called Stardust, recorded with Wilbur Harden on trumpet and the flawless rhythm section of Red Garland, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb.  “Love Thy Neighbor” was written by the team of Harry Revel and Mack Gordon (Mack also wrote one of the great love songs of all time, “At Last”).

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