Something Like This

Here’s a fun latin-flavored tune by Bennie Maupin (another Detroit-born jazz heavyweight).  It’s featured on Lee Morgan’s energetic Live at the Lighthouse album, recorded in the summer of 1970.  It was a very busy time for Bennie: just six months earlier he had played on the Bitches’ Brew sessions with Miles Davis, and six months later he would be in the studio with Herbie Hancock recording Mwandishi, a collaboration that would lead to the formation of the famed Headhunters group.

The CD reissue of Live at the Lighthouse features no less than five Maupin compositions, but this is my favorite.  Someday I’ll also post “Neophilia” from the same concert, which showcases Bennie’s great bass clarinet playing.  “Something Like This” is driven by bassist Jymie Merritt’s heavy D pedal through the middle of the form.  A bit of trivia for you: Jymie’s son Mike is the house bass player for Conan O’Brien.


Something Like This

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