Baby Plays Around (Elvis Costello)

I was doing some spring cleaning yesterday and found this lead sheet in a stack of old papers.  I transcribed it from Elvis Costello’s 1995 album Deep Dead Blue, recorded live with Bill Frisell when Costello curated the Meltdown festival in London.



Elvis has recorded this ballad a few times (and I’m listening to Brad Mehldau’s trio version of the song while writing this), but the duo version with Frisell is my favorite.

A random connection to my last post on Kenny Wheeler’s “Heyoke”: both Brad and Keith Jarrett seem to quote “Happy Days Are Here Again” in their impressionistic solo cadenzas to the respective tunes.

2 thoughts on “Baby Plays Around (Elvis Costello)

  1. Clayton Dodd

    I’ve been working on this for hours and then I came across your chart. Thanks, this the best I’ve found…much obliged. Still trying to do justice to the Frisell ending.


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