Scolohofo was a short-lived jazz group formed in 2002.  It boasted John Scofield on guitar, Joe Lovano on tenor, Dave Holland on bass and Al Foster on drums, all seasoned veterans of the jazz scene.  Their album “Oh!” showcases compositions by each member, and it’s pretty easy to tell who wrote which piece.  Al’s “Brandyn” is a straight ahead 10-bar blues with a bridge, Dave’s long form tunes are based in groove and counterpoint, Joe contributes the title track and a few angular melodies, while John’s songs are more rooted in blues and r+b.

All four have strong personalities, and sometimes they step on each others’ toes, but mostly the record has a fun jam session vibe, thanks largely to Al’s exuberant drumming.  I’ve seen Al Foster play live many times, and he always looks and sounds like he’s having a great time.


Oh I See

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