2 thoughts on “Love and Hate

  1. Brandon Guim

    Did you transcribe this from the Jackie McLean album, “Destination… ?” I find it interesting that on this recording they do the Bb for the final two bars of the form, which has the very uplifting feeling after the A-, whereas on Moncur’s “Exploration” they do, I believe, G- to Bb for the final two bars. It doesn’t seem like much of a difference since one could say they’re very similar chords, but it really does. It changes the feel and character. I wonder how it would be to start with the “Exploration” version and morph into the more uplifting “Destination…” version. Going to have to find out!

    Great tune nevertheless, thanks for turning me onto it!!

    1. noteheads Post author

      I did get the tune from the McLean album. What first attracted me to it was the mood they set right from the beginning, with Bobby Hutcherson’s chords ringing out like a bell. I think I prefer the G- to Bb change at the end; it adds symmetry to the harmonic rhythm, and having the major chord last only one bar builds momentum going into the next chorus rather than slowing it down.


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