Saudade Vem Correndo

Last summer I was thumbing through the “free box” at a local record shop when I came across Jazz Samba Encore! by Stan Getz and Luiz Bonfa.  Why it was in that bin I have no idea, the album sounds great and is full of pretty sambas and bossas.  It is a great compliment to Getz’s collaborations with Charlie Byrd (Jazz Samba, 1962) and João Gilberto (Getz/Gilberto, 1964).  

This tune features the lilting vocals of Bonfa’s wife Maria Toledo, but what really got me excited was when I heard the short vamp they play at the end.  Even a casual listener to 90’s hip hop will recognize it as the sample behind the Pharcyde’s classic “Runnin” (and more recently Wiz Khalifa’s “Name On A Cloud”).



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