On Green Dolphin Street (Oscar Peterson solo)

Here’s a transcription of Oscar Peterson’s bluesy solo on the classic “On Green Dolphin Street”, from the album Very Tall, featuring Milt Jackson, Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen.  I play the tune often at jam sessions, but this version also holds a special significance for me…

It was a snowy December evening many years ago, when I was still in my teens.  I had just acquired a turntable and was excited to start my vinyl collection, so I stopped into a record shop to peruse the stacks.  As soon as I walked through the door I heard the mellifluous sound of Milt Jackson’s vibraphone filling the air.  I was so transfixed, it was hard to concentrate on the titles of the records I was flipping through.  I ended up listening to the entire record while standing at the counter, and bought it as soon as the needle came to rest.  To this day I think fondly of Very Tall every time I’m walking on a cold snowy night.

The solo starts at 3:45 of the song for those listening along.

On Green Dolphin Street OPeterson solo

On Green Dolphin Street (Oscar Peterson solo)

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