Three or Four Shades of Blues

As you may have guessed, March is blues month here at Noteheads, and this week’s entry is a blues doozy.

“Three or Four Shades of Blues” is the centerpiece of the Charles Mingus album of the same name, recorded in 1977 when the composer was suffering from ALS and could barely play bass.  As a result, George Mraz and Ron Carter ended up recording his parts on a number of studio sessions, but as far as my ears can tell Mingus himself plays and solos on this track.

The composition contains multiple blues forms loosely stapled together, but the influences of bebop, classical, church and Latin musics combine to make a whole that is undeniably Mingus.  The extended form provides a unique solo space for everyone involved (except drummer Dannie Richmond), and pianist Jimmy Rowles gets a particularly long feature early on.

Three or Four Shades of Blues

Three or Four Shades of Blues


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