The Prophet

Happy birthday to the late, great Eric Dolphy, who would have turned 87 this year had he not slipped into a diabetic coma while touring Europe with Charles Mingus in 1964.  Given the long-lived fecundity of other “avant-garde” sax legends like Anthony Braxton, Ornette Coleman and Sam Rivers, I can’t help but lament all the virtuosic music Eric never got to make.  Here’s a song of his from the first Dolphy record I ever bought, At the Five Spot.

The ProphetThe Prophet

2 thoughts on “The Prophet

  1. Travis

    Any ideas on how the Bflat/B chord might be voiced? I’ve been attempting the tune solo on the piano, but none of the voicings I’ve tried seem to fit the tune very well, or sound very much like the original recording.

    1. noteheads Post author

      Hi Travis, after listening again I realize I was wrong about that chord. On the head it sounds to me like Mal Waldron plays an Abm9 while Richard Davis plays Bb, so I probably originally meant to call it a B/Bb instead of Bb/B. I’ve replaced my old chart in this post.


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