Melody for C

Yet another Sonny Clark classic.  Most of Sonny’s compositions are fun, swinging and easy to play, and I hope these recent posts will inspire people to buy his albums and perform his music.

Melody for C

Melody for C

4 thoughts on “Melody for C

  1. John

    Do the people who transcribe for the site work for the site or is it simply random folks submitting? The reason I ask is because much of the material seems very old and dated so I wondered if the site wanted this kind of material or it just worked out that way naturally.

    1. noteheads Post author

      Hi John, thanks for checking out the site. I do all the transcriptions myself in my free time, and often they are based on requests by bandmates or readers of the site. I play a lot of “straight ahead” jazz gigs with players who are interested in getting away from the same few standards everyone seems to call on jam sessions, so many times I target tunes that fit the gig stylistically and are easy to read in lead sheet form on the bandstand. The modern tunes I feature on the site are transcriptions I’ve done for fun, because the songs caught my ear and I wanted to get deeper into what’s going on compositionally. So it’s partly by design (I like to highlight older jazz players who I feel are underrepresented in real books) and partly by convenience (I don’t have much free time these days) that the material here skews older. Also I try not to post songs that are already available online, and many modern artists sell their lead sheets on their personal websites so it would be unethical of me to give them away for free. In any case, I plan to post more modern tunes in 2016 so stay tuned!


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