Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Wrong Blues

Here’s an interesting song.  Its form is AABA, but the harmonic rhythm makes the sections blend into each other in a way that obscures that form on first listen.  Although the song is basically in C major, it never comfortably resolves to that key for more than one bar.  The second A section even takes an extra four bars to pass through Ab major on the way to the bridge in C minor/Eb major.  I first heard it on a Bob Brookmeyer record dedicated to the music of Alec Wilder.


Skaters Waltz

Roland Kirk covered a wide variety of genres during his eclectic 20-year recording career, from gospel to jazz to funk to pop to classical.  This is an example of the latter, and more proof that a good melody can be effective in any style.  This one comes from Kirk’s Work, a bluesy album from 1961 featuring Jack McDuff on organ.