The other day I came across a breezy, swinging album called Gerry Mulligan Meets Johnny Hodges.  I’m a big fan of both saxophonists, and it’s nice to hear them together.  I think their lilting, melodic style is underappreciated by modern musicians and listeners who prefer a more “in your face” mode of playing, but it expresses a deep musicianship that I really admire.  This is the first track, written by Gerry for Johnny, whose nickname was “Rabbit”.



Bunny – Bb

5 thoughts on “Bunny

  1. Jon Deavers

    I just came across this site and find it amazing, We have a 5 piece group consisting of 2 bari saxes, piano,bass and drums,(we got our idea from the Three Bari Band) With our instrumentation we do most of our own arrangements. I am a neophyte to arranging and am using the book by Robert Larson and the new Tomaro book. So… any help I can find is greatly appreciated. Currently I am just beginning to use Musescore and I get better with it each day. I have a couple of questions maybe someone can help me with. Can any of the transcriptions be imported into Musescore? Are there any user groups out there that I could get involved in that could be of help? Thank you so much!
    Jon Deavers

    1. noteheads Post author

      Hi Jon, thanks for visiting the site. I don’t know much about Musescore, but as far as I know the program itself can’t import .pdf files. The Musescore website claims to have a plugin for registered users where you can upload a score and get back a program-friendly file format. I love the bari sax and think it’s sadly under-represented in the jazz canon. The two bari quintet is a great idea. The format doesn’t seem to have much precedent – I remember seeing Jared Sims and Greg Abate play shows as a two-bari combo, but there’s definitely a lot of untapped potential. Your group can help fill the gap! Maybe other readers of the site know of some user groups that would be helpful… does anyone out there have advice or recommendations for Jon?

  2. Jean-Baptiste

    Hi ! Thanks for the score of Bunny. I’d like to transpose it for tenor sax and trumpet, so the best would be to have the muscore file. Is it possible for you to send it to me please ?
    (sorry for my english I’m from France)

    1. noteheads Post author

      Hi Jean-Baptiste, I don’t use musescore myself, but their website claims there is a plugin that can be downloaded to read and render .pdf files in the right format. In the meantime I have added a Bb version of the chart to this post. Thanks for visiting and bonne chance!


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