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It’s Always You

Speaking of songs I like that aren’t in fake books, here’s a Jimmy Van Heusen song first recorded by Bing Crosby in 1943.

It's Always YouIt’s Always You

Let’s Get Lost

I thought this Jimmy McHugh song was a relatively well-known standard, but it isn’t in any of my fake books.  Chet Baker uses a slightly different set of chord changes; I’ve included those below.

Let’s Get Lost

Let’s Get Lost (CBaker changes)



I had some unexpected free time last week, so I decided to tackle a song that sneaks into my thoughts from time to time.

Egberto Gismonti is a prolific and versatile composer.  A look through his extensive discography finds him playing rock, jazz, folk, chamber music and more.  His 1991 album Infância is a collection of mellifluous pieces for cello, guitars (or piano) and bass.  The music is sometimes somber, sometimes joyous, and always has a rhythmic flair that is distinctly Brazilian.

Meninas - ScoreMeninas – Score