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I remember vividly the times I got to see Mulgrew Miller perform live.   If I was lucky I’d be sitting close to the piano, watching waves of concentration ripple over his face, feeling his deep appreciation of the present moment and the infectious joy of making music.  This song is named after one of his bands, or maybe it’s the other way around.


Gettin’ Mean with Mateen

This tune by pianist Darrell Grant isn’t exactly a blues, but it follows the same road map.  The melody is two statements of a phrase, once over the tonic chord and again over a subdominant, followed by responding phrase that passes through the dominant back to the tonic.  Extra material in the form of a nice intro and interlude makes for a well-rounded and interesting composition.

Gettin' Mean with MateenGettin’ Mean with Mateen – Score

Gettin’ Mean with Mateen – Trumpet in Bb

Gettin’ Mean with Mateen – Tenor Sax