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Planet X

Here’s a tribute to the late, very great McCoy Tyner.  He’s on a short list of pianists who have changed the way the instrument is played.  His unique conception of harmony is on display on this tune he recorded in 1968 with his working trio of Herbie Lewis and Freddie Waits.  Maybe it’s just the title, but I hear a little hint of Holst’s “Jupiter” in here.

Planet XPlanet X

Black Gold

Black GoldBlack Gold


Not officially a “morning” song, but this one from guitarist (and bassist) Phil Upchurch’s self-titled 1969 album would be reworked a few years later as “I Am the Black Gold of the Sun” by the New Rotary Connection.  You may recognize the opening piano riff, if not the name:

I Am the Black Gold of the Sun - New Rotary Connection

Morning Song

I haven’t played a live gig in almost a month, which is by far the longest drought I’ve had in my career as a professional musician.  It’s been hard to go this long without being able to do the job I love, but one of the silver linings of this furlough is that I’ve been going to bed earlier and waking up earlier.  When I’m gigging regularly I usually don’t get home until midnight or later, and then it’s another hour or two before I’m ready for bed, so waking up early and going for a walk in the morning sun is a rare luxury for me.

Morning SongMorning Song