Welcome to Noteheads.  The purpose of this site is to share transcriptions and arrangements with people who want to play different music.

Sometimes in the middle of a gig I catch my mind wandering, wondering why bands call the same handful of standards when there are so many great compositions out there.  Fake books can provide some alternatives, but they can also be misleading or just wrong.  I am starting my own book of songs I find interesting and lead sheets I can’t find elsewhere.  Many won’t be exact transcriptions, as I sometimes simplify the harmonies or arrangement of a piece to facilitate quick reading or easier jamming on a gig, but I’ll try to make it clear when that’s the case.  I’ll post a new lead sheet whenever I can, check back for new material. There will be a link to the .pdf files at the bottom of each post.

Also, I support all the musicians whose songs I will discuss on this site.  I have bought their albums and continue to see them in concert if possible.  I hope you will too.

Update: I’ve released an album!  As yet there are no physical copies, they’ll be available soon.



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  1. totusek

    How would one contact the Noteheads administrator (i.e. Email or via a contact web page, etc.), if one wanted to ask a question privately ?


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