Too Many Toys

Here’s another fun one by Hans Teuber, from Skerik’s 2003 live album.

Too Many ToysToo Many Toys


No Quarter

Here’s a song by bassist John Paul Jones from one of my favorite Led Zeppelin albums, Houses of the Holy.  I’ve played this on jazz gigs for years, and it gets an enthusiastic response even if people don’t recognize it.

No QuarterNo Quarter

Dark Morning

This pretty tune appears on the album Swinging, Singing, Playing by the Count Basie Orchestra.  One of only a handful of Basie alumni playing with the band, trombonist and arranger Dennis Wilson does a nice job of capturing the vibe and easy swing of the old orchestra.  To me, this song calls to mind the Basie records of the late 50s, when Thad Jones was writing and arranging for the band.  Wilson says he wrote this the day Basie died in 1984.

Dark Morning