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Inner Journey

Here’s another song from Cannonball Adderley’s Inside Straight, this one by pianist Hal Galper.

Inner JourneyInner Journey



Here’s a mellow bossa nova from bassist Walter Booker, off of the Cannonball Adderley record Inside Straight.  It’s technically a live album, though rather than bring recording equipment to a club, an audience was brought into the studio to applaud solos and generally add a different kind of energy and ambiance to the date.  I have been involved in projects like this before, and I find it can help some musicians let go of their anxiety about performing in a sterile studio environment.

For thousands of years music has been a “live” art form, and musicians naturally play with greater enthusiasm and soul when they’re in front of appreciative listeners.  Listening to a record can never match the experience of being present while music is created, so please go see live music whenever you get a chance!



There are dozens of jazz heads based on the chord changes to Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm”, which makes it probably the most popular standard template after the 12-bar blues.  Unlike the blues, though, almost every version of “rhythm changes” is in the same key.  Usually the difference in these tunes lies in the B section, as can be seen in this Cannonball Adderley composition, where he replaces the usual D7 / G7 / C7 / F7 with a Bb7 / Ab7 / Gb7 / F7 progression (with attendant subdominants).