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Off Minor

This very funky take on Thelonious Monk’s “Off Minor” is from Cedar Walton’s Mobius album.

off minor (cwalton arr)

Off Minor (Cedar Walton arr)


Ginseng Woman

This winter I’ve been going through hundreds of old transcriptions I did with pen and paper when I was first training my ear to recognize melodies and chord changes.  Some of them have egregious mistakes, but it brings back good memories to revisit my old files.

Ginseng Woman is an album by guitarist Eric Gale.  It’s full of solid performances by great players, and it’s also a testament to Eric’s versatility and artistry as a “session” musician; even on his own record he doesn’t flaunt his considerable skills, but tailors his playing to serve the music.  Chances are you’ve already heard Eric’s understated playing on some of your favorite jazz, funk and pop songs… I’m still discovering records in my collection that I didn’t even know he was on, from Paul Simon to Ashford and Simpson to Billy Joel and more.

Ginseng WomanGinseng Woman