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From Jan Garbarek’s Wayfarer album.




As a kid I used to envy creatures that spend their lives underwater.  One of the best feelings in life is floating in the sea, undulating with the waves, and I imagined all fish were ecstatic with the freedom and grace afforded them by their liquid medium.  But those animals end up missing out on many of the other joys in life, one of which is being warm and dry in a rainstorm.  The cool winds have brought spring rains the last few nights, and I’ve cracked my windows to let in the sound of falling water and the smell of growing plants.

I’ve turned to my collection of old ECM albums to provide a soundtrack to these meditative moments.  One of these is Red Lanta, by the duo of Art Lande and Jan Garbarek.  Jan plays flute on most of the album, but “Velvet” finds him on soprano, which is probably the reason this melody stays with me after I listen to the CD.


Art plays a C major as the last chord, I prefer a more augmented sound to add tension before the return to G major.