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Let’s Make It

A couple years ago I dubbed this month “Blues March” and dedicated four weeks to various forms of the blues.  As I said then, the blues is an art form with a deep tradition, and may be America’s most ubiquitous contribution to human music.  I’ve decided to do the same thing this March.

Let's Make ItLet’s Make It

Let’s start with this simple tune by trombonist Frank Rosolino.  It has a few more chords than your average 12-bar blues, but the underlying structure is the same.  The string of changes in bars 2 through 4 finds resolution in the subdominant F chord.  Similarly, bars 8 to 10 bring us through the dominant G7 to our tonic C major.  I’ve added a new page to the site that I’ll use to periodically write about things that helped me become a better musician and bass player.  It seemed appropriate given this month’s theme to post about reharmonizing the blues.