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New Arrival

Hilton Ruiz was a sublime piano player, a master of both the Latin and jazz idioms.  So well did he blend the two styles that Tito Puente (who has more than a few Latin jazz hits to his name) chose Hilton’s tune “New Arrival” to open his star-studded Live at the Village Gate recording.  Hilton contributes an energetic solo before laying down a solid montuno for a Giovanni Hidalgo conga feature.  His piano work, along with the drumming of Ignacio Berroa, helps the band find a comfortable balance between swing and Latin.  If you need any more evidence of his prowess, consider that Hilton does something few musicians would be brave enough to do: he solos after Paquito D’Rivera.

This is just a lead sheet for the head, I haven’t written out the montuno or the “shout chorus” section of the tune.