The Brown Queen

Here’s another one from Andrew Hill’s complex and beautiful Passing Ships.  Some of my favorite Andrew Hill songs have short, repetitive forms that are tightly packed with rhythmic and harmonic ingenuity.  I didn’t include the composed horn backgrounds, but they add to the mood of the piece – in that respect it reminds me of many Charles Mingus compositions that feel like they’re held together by a kind of controlled chaos.

The Brown QueenThe Brown Queen (transposed score)

Eastern Joy Dance

I first heard this energetic Mulgrew Miller song on an old Tito Puente album I bought, back when I used to peruse used record stores on an almost daily basis.  Most days I would give myself a budget of just a few dollars, but I would make an exception for rare finds or artists I really liked.  Mulgrew Miller records were an especially rare find, I assume because anyone who owned one was unlikely to part with it.  Luckily, Mulgrew’s compositions have been recorded by many artists over the years, and I still find myself more likely to buy a record if it’s got one of his tunes on it.

Eastern Joy DanceEastern Joy Dance